Thursday, December 31, 2009

12.30 - 12.31.09

Woke up on Wednesday with a horrible cold. Actually, I woke up at 3am and had to go gargle with salt water. I was feeling cruddy all the rest of the day - so I was very thankful that it was already a planned Rest Day.

- Had to wake up and go do my Boot Camp class. I had a good plan for the day, woke up to snow and sure enough only 1/2 the people signed up made it in to the class. That's okay though. After some of the chaotic over-crowded nights, it's nice to have space. We were able to all do wall squats w/the stability balls and work on some knee strength. Burned 502 calories according to my GWF, that was at the 1 hr 12 min mark. I also did 16 minutes on the elliptical beforehand since I was there w/nothing to do.

Now my daughter is asking me to take her up to work out since she had to be at work and missed the class. She also wants me to put her through a good weight workout.

On another note: According to my GWF I still haven't had a good 8 hrs sleep. Last night was just under 6 hours according to it. I thought it was a bit better than that, but Layla slept with me (15 months old) and she wanted to be IN my arms the whole night. At some point my arm fell asleep and that woke me up, took a while to fall back asleep. It showed on the report!

*edit* PM: Made it to the gym with Rhianna for 30 minutes on the elliptical, a 12 min back/shoulders circuit, 10 minutes on the Stairmaster, 15 minutes back/shoulders.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12.29.09 - Morning

Working with my GWF is still fun. According to it, I got more sleep last night (7 hrs) although I was lying down for 8 1/2. The lack of the full nights sleep was thanks to my husband's insomnia and getting up down up down throughout the night. At times it woke me.

Today I was determined to find out what GWF would accept as "vigorous" activity. I started out doing the mountain setting on the elliptical for 30 minutes after a 10 minute warm up. Only 3 minutes of that was accepted as vigorous. I then moved to the recumbent bike and the entire 20 minutes was vigorous. I then ran on the treadmill for 11 minutes (vigorous) and walked for 4 minutes (also vigorous). Total cardio time: 1 hr 15 minutes

This morning I received a response from Body Media's tech team on METS and it not recognizing the elliptical or Stairmaster as vigorous, even though my heart rate was way up there and I was drenched in sweat. The answer:

"I'm sorry about any issues you are having with the accuracy. Please note there are some short term activities that the armband cannot detect correctly. This includes riding a bike and the elliptical machine. We are working in the future to build this into the unit. However there is an option that will allow you to edit off body activities for things the armband cannot detect. To use this feature, you must have the armband off your body for at least a half hr. After this, you will notice the edit off body option appear on the website under the summary graph after you upload again.

Please try this as it will accommodate for the accuracy of the activities the armband cannot do."

Hmmmmm, for $249 plus shipping, that answer is rather annoying. At least it *did* recognize the bike. It annoys me that the elliptical isn't reckoning correctly - and what is the purpose of having to freaking add it? I could just be using a regular exercise logging program for this! I wanted ACCURACY. Pfffffft.

Boot camp class again tonight. I have some fun stuff planned (insert maniacal laugh here). :D

Monday, December 28, 2009

12.28.09 - evening

Tonight's boot camp wasn't one of the harder ones. No mountain climbers. No lunge/pushup tabatas. No stair running. However, I still burned 493 calories at the one hour mark which was followed by some light mat work and the cooldown stretch. At that point the GWF said that I had burned 533 calories. Also, it counted 25 minutes of it towards "vigorous" and not just moderate. (That moderate business really annoys me when it's anything but).

I can't wait to check it out tomorrow when I plan on stair running, a mountain climber tabata and some more intense cardio intervals. Due to the bad weather (snow and slick roads), I had a very small class tonight. One of sick, the others were tired. Total time for the class was 1 hr 12 min.

12.28.09 - morning

I still have boot camp class to lead tonight and I'll be wearing my GWF to see how many calories pushing hard can burn.

This morning I met my daughter at the gym for some cardio. I did 30 minutes of intervals on the Stairmaster and 30 minutes on the elliptical, keeping my heartrate (on the ellipitcal) between 147 - 151. I don't know what it was on the Stairmaster, I was too busy focusing on my intervals. I do know that today my GWF *did* indeed decided that I had met my vigorous activity goal AND my moderate activity goal. Let's see what happens when I lead my class later this evening.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


The jury is still out on the GWF. According to it I slept 7:29 hours with 74% sleep efficiency. I agree with that. I was up and down a couple of times during the night to pee thanks to the carb-overload from Christmas which had me bloated. It had to come out sometime and it chose the middle of the night. Adding to that, my daughters had friends sleep over and friends visit. At one point there were 5 or 6 extra kids in my house, plus my two that are home. Up and down the stairs, giggling, etc.

Back to the GWF. Here lies the problem: moderate vs vigorous activity. It seems determined to count most everything I do as moderate and believe me, it's anything but. I wondered if it is because I'm an athlete and it takes more to get my heart rate up, but my heart rate WAS up today.

I did 45 minutes on the elliptical, 35 of which were sprint intervals. My heart rate stayed between 141 - and 157 which is between 82 and 90% of my target heart rate max. It definitely FELT vigorous. The GWF device said "moderate."

I then did 15 minutes on the Stairmaster, level 7 which is 98 steps per minute, and the machine said I was using 8 METS. My heart rate stayed in the 150s. At some point during this, my GWF did it's little doo-de-de-doo thing and a message said that I had met my moderate activity goal for the day. :-p I was drenched with sweat and feeling it. I had stayed on Level 7 instead of going up because I was so exhausted from the sprint intervals on the elliptical.

I then went and did a set of back work followed by a 5 minute jog on the treadmill. Another set of back work and then 15 minutes on the elliptical on hill setting. All told this was another 35 minutes of work. Never once did the doo-de-de-doo sound to tell me that I'd met my vigorous activity goal.

Could my sluggish thyroid be to blame? I'm supposed to go next week to get new blood work drawn. My TSH had been rising and my free T3 dropping. The doc added some Cytomel to my Armour to attempt to boost it but I don't think it's enough. My body temperature has been between 97.1 and 97.7. I know with my temp down like that I'm running sluggishly. This stupid backorder happening with Armour is making the whole thing a ridiculous ordeal. I could just be bumped up a level and that would even things out but nooooooooooooooooooo. I'm going to have to order it from Canada because I am NOT playing this game with synthetics and I will NOT be put on Synthroid/Cytomel. I'll agree with a little more Cytomel being added to boost things but if that doesn't help, Canadian pharmacies, you have my business!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Got my Gowear Fit (GWF) working! I figured I wouldn't use it until today, no sense recording all of that holiday damage. Got to have a free day sometimes - truly free.


18 min elliptical waiting for people to show for my class. Eventually they came - 10minutes late. I think everyone has the holiday sluggishness. Carb overload.

1 hr 10 min boot camp class

According to my GWF, which I set when I got on the elliptical, I burned 649 calories.

After chilling at home for a little bit, Rhianna and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and take a nice walk. According to the GWF I burned another 344 calories.

This thing could become very addictive. I've only logged 512 consumed calories today, so I think I'd better go eat!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Yes, indeed, I got a workout in on Christmas day. :)

Total time, 1 hr:

20 min. Stairmaster

Front & back lat pulldowns 70/12 each
Seated cable row 12/125
Upright cable row 12/50
Repeat 3X dropping 5 lbs and adding 3 reps

5 min treadmill run

Prone row 12/55
Back extension 12/10
Lawnmowers 12/20 each side
Repeat 3X

5 min treadmill run

Inverted row 10
Delt fly 12/45
Repeat 3X

That was it. Had to squeeze it in while the turkey was roasting and the potato casserole was baking. I needed it thanks to the cheesecake last night. :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

12.23 - 12.24.09

Wednesday, Christmas Eve Eve: Day off. (HA!) Drove to two separate malls (far apart), two strip malls, two grocery stores (One was The Mustard Seed Market, which I love-love-love), CVS, two coffee stops. Afterward, I spent HOURS wrapping presents. Fortunately, I was on the phone with my good buddy, Pam, for those hours of wrapping.

Thursday, Christmas Eve: 10 minutes elliptical at the gym, then my 1 hr 5 min. Body Boot Camp class. I tried to get everyone out of there earlier than usual - we all had so much to do.

The workout was a killer, with a "break" of sorts with the partner drills.

Christmas Eve Boot Camp

Warm Up
Step touch w/stretching, grapevine, cross arms, lat arms, skate, cross crawl, repeater lunges, jacks, jump rope, step touch arms, 3 Vinyassas

Circuit #1
Squats w/medicine balls
Pushup series
Rope climb abs
Repeat 3X

Cardio interval – broad jump forward, chug back, Repeat 5X

Circuit #2
The Twelve Days of Christmas (this was done just like the song, so by the end of it you've done A LOT of work).

1 prisoner squat
2 reverse lunges
3 upright rows
4 sumo squats
5 siff squat calf raises
6 triceps dips
7 full pushups
8 plank rows
9 hydrants left
10 hydrants right
11 ultimate crunches
12 touch the sky

Water break & then
STAIRS (four floors)

Circuit # 3 - Partner drills
Stand ups
Medicine ball waist pass both sides
Medicine ball woodchopper pass both sides
Medicine ball lunge series
Medicine ball ab pass

Circuit #4
Resistance band partner rows (standing)
Resistance band chest presses
Resitance band plank row, the row with rotation

Cardio Interval – Mountain climbers and jumping jacks

Bear crawls

Circuit #5
Dumbbell swing squat
Hydrant series
Low plank hold

Cool down/Stretch

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Yesterday my Gowear Fit (from henceforth known as GWF) came and I charged it over night. I was uber excited about trying it out today, especially wanting to see how kick-butt my boot camp classes really are.

I wore it to the gym this morning and did:
30 minutes elliptical mountain setting
10 minute treadmill run
10 minute Stairmaster

I was working hard and it showed: In 50 minutes I burned 520 calories.

I came home and uploaded the info to see how it all worked. Of course, I'm a sucker for graphs so I was very, very happy. By the time I uploaded my info and sync-d everything I had burned 991 calories so far.

A little blurb came across the screen asking me if I'd like to upgrade to the latest software. I clicked "ok." Uh-oh, big mistake.

I took off the GWF & display to shower, put it back on, cleaned the house like a mad woman and then went to check to see how vigourous my cleaning had been. The display said "Press armband." I did. Nothing. I noticed no lights were on. I did all sorts of things, reading the manual, looking on the website, blah, blah. I hooked it back up to the computer and a window came up which said "Trouble connecting to armband, disconnect for 10 seconds and try again. If there is still a problem, call customer support." That is exactly what I ended up having to do.

And guess what? After downloaded the new firmware, pressing buttons for 20 seconds, etc, etc, it turns out my GWF is no good!! The customer support tech was excellent. He is had a new one sent right out to me and issued me a UPS return label immediately. I got it out in the drop box just after 12 noon. He said my new GWF should be here by Christmas Eve. I hope so!

It was a huge disappointment having it malfunction and not recognize/accept the firmware. Very sad, indeed. I really wanted to test out my bootcamp class. I also wanted to get the ball rolling on leaning out for April.


More technical difficulties tonight. The CD player in the group exercise room would not work properly. I ended up having to use a little boom box for my class. All the fiddling around made us start 10 minutes late - which helped a woman who was running late to get there "in time."

Boot Camp Class: 1 hr 20 minutes.

So that is the report for the day. I'm going to try to do some P90X yoga tomorrow and get in some cardio. Thursday morning I'll be having class instead of at night - planning on doing the 12 days of Christmas. :)

Monday, December 21, 2009


Sunday was a "rest" day. Laughable, since I ran around like a maniac all day trying to get things done.

12.21.09 - morning: 45 minutes elliptical, heart rate at 75% hrm.

Evening - 5 min. elliptical
1 hr 15 min. Body Boot Camp
20 min. run on treadmill w/Cheryl (did a 2 1/2 minute backward hill walk break, threw in a couple of sprints, but otherwise a tempo run). HR: 157, 85% hrm

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Some snow and slick roads this morning made the gym very empty. There were only three at my boot camp class - a fourth got there too late. Still, we had a good workout. I had meant to get there early to meet my friend for a treadmill run but when I arrived later than planned, she was just arriving, too. She lives just 1/4 mile away from me and had slipped & slidded the short distance. Not a good morning to be up and out early.

Anyhow - we had a great workout. I got in 10 min on the elliptical and then 1 hr 10min boot camp class.

I still want to go back to the gym and get at least 20 minutes of running in. We want to do the New Year's Eve 5K and I really need to work on my speed.
It won't be fast, that's for sure.

My Gowear Fit will be here on Monday. I'll be able to try it out at Monday's class to see how it works.

** 30 min elliptical watching "Slings & Arrows."

Friday, December 18, 2009


After the flu and all the stress, it felt good to be at the gym bright and early again.

30 minutes elliptical, heart rate: 141, 75%. Should've amped it up a alittle.
25 minutes back/shoulder circuit, done as compound sets -

front & back lat pull down 10/75 each, 12/70 each, 15/65 each
seated cable row 10/130, 12/125, 15/120
upright cable row 10/55, 12/50, 15/45

prone row 10/55, 12/50, 15/45
back extension 15/0, 12/5, 12/10
front and side alternate raises 8/16/3

10 minutes Stairmaster

Well, I took some measurements this morning and the ugly truth is that I need to lose 4 inches in my waist and 4 inches in my hips to get where I want to be to compete. I've been happily and comfortably wearing size 6 jeans for a while now and the fact is that if I want to be a figure competitor, I'm going to need to be a size 2.

Starting today, I have 4 months to accomplish my goals. There is no time like the present to start. My Gowear Fit should be here next week and that should be a great tool in attaining my goals.

I also have to call my doctor today and ask him to bump up my dosage of Cytomel. My body temperature is hovering around 97.5 degrees and running that low CANNOT be helpful in moving off pounds and leaning out the way I need to.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

12.16 - 12.17.09

12.16 --- Never made it to the gym. The day was hectic from the start and never slowed down.

12.17.09 - 8 min elliptical. 1 hr 17 min body boot camp class. 30 minutes elliptical mountain setting w/Cheryl.

I'm getting something super special for Christmas. A Gowear Fit armband. It's just like Body Bugg. It's going to help me as I...gulp...prepare for my first figure competition in mid-April. There is so much to worry about and do in the four months between now and then. I'll probably do a lot of blogging about that. I'm going to have to lose some weight I've been comfortable carrying in order to get really cut the way I'll need to be. I want to compete in either Ms Fit Body or Figure. I'm expecting that to be VERY hard work, especially with my thyroid issues. That's where I hope the Gowear Fit Armband will come in.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12.14 - 12.15.09

12.14 - Elliptical 10 min. Body boot camp class, 1 hr 15 min. Run w/Cheryl 23 minutes. Made a good, hard class tonight. :)

12.15 - Stairmaster 8 min. Body boot camp class, 1 hr 15 min. Run w/Cheryl 20 min. Tonight's boot camp class was focused mostly on legs/glutes - and I used Scott Toussigant's silly shuffles for one cardio interval...what a killer! I think everyone's thighs are still feeling it.

Thursday's class is completely full already.

Cheryl & I are trying to keep our running up for the New Year's Eve 5K that we plan on doing. Monday we ran outside but it was raining/sleeting tonight so we stayed in on the treadmills. I found my MP3 player and that made the indoor run endurable.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

12.11 - 12.13.09

Friday the 11th.... NOTHING. Rest and try to recover. Well, sort of. Rest is a bit alien to me. There were too many places where I had to be and do.

Saturday - Boot Camp Class - I wondered if I'd be able to teach - and "do". Turned out well. I felt much better for being there. 1 hr 10 min. Here's the workout:

Warm Up
Step touch, add arms – cross, lat
4 knee repeater each side, 4 set skate, repeat; Jumping jacks, Front leg to back leg, repeat other side; 1 legged hops side to side, jump rope, step touch arm circles, 3 Vinyassas

Circuit #1
Squat series
Plank ups
Rope climb abs
Repeat 3X

Cardio Interval – Broad jump, jack back, mountain climbers, repeat

Circuit #2
Iron Cross
3-way lunges
Wide leg deadlifts
Bent over row
Wide legged or cross legged situps

Cardio Interval – Burpees, skate, repeat

Circuit #3 (Balls)
Stability ball curl & press
Stability ball chest press
Stability ball pec fly (stretch on ball)
Stability ball bridge
Stability ball crunch

Cardio Interval – Low side squat shuffle across room, plank jack

Circuit # 4 (Balls)
Stability ball pushup OR plank hold
Stability ball pullover (stretch on ball)
Stability ball hamstring curl
Stability ball roll out
Stability ball prone cobra

Cardio Interval (benches)
Fast feet, straddle jacks, straddle kicks, repeat

Circuit #5 (benches)
Step up with side lift curl & fly
Rev lunge off step w/attitude lift
Triceps dips
Side plank w/arms off bench
Bench jackknife

Circuit #6 (mats)
Frog squats
Seated front facing leg raises
Low plank

Cooldown & Stretch
Side stretch, clasped hands behind, fingers in front facing body, seated pretzel twist each side, straddle stretch, runners stretch, pigeon stretch, hamstring stretch, downward dog, dangle, standing quad stretch, arm/shoulder stretches

Sunday, the 13th - Managed to get to the gym for cardio & legs/glutes. Alittle abs, too.

20 minutes elliptical
30 min legs/glutes
Leg press 15/270 15/270....slow 10/270
12/ 10/320...slow 8/320
10/ 10/320...slow 6/320

Superset: Buttblaster 10/80 each leg
Leg curl machine 12/80
Leg extension machine 12/75
Repeat 3X
Superset on cable machine: thigh adduction 12/45
thigh abduction 12/45 repeat on each leg
Cable crunch 15/105
Repeat 3X
10 minutes Stairmaster
10 minutes elliptical

Tomorrow night's another class - and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

12.9 - 12.10.09


On 12.9 I made it to the gym at 4pm for a 55 minute cardio/back/arms workout. I was feeling tired and a bit run down. By the time Rhianna and I finished -- and we cut it short -- I was feeling like the wind was out of my sails.

At 9pm I went to bed. I was cold & couldn't get warm. Flannel pjs, a hoodie, three blankets, a dog. Still cold. Finally hubby came to bed. Still cold. Around 11pm, the stomach bug hit again and hit hard. Fortunately, I wasn't freezing anymore. That led to a night of up and down to the bathroom.

Woke up 12.10 still feeling weak - very weak - and needing to not be far from a bathroom. No appetite and a very real fear of puking up anything that I did get down. 11am came around and I forced myself to eat some brown rice hot cereal. It stayed down and I felt a bit better for it. Later in the day I managed a perfect pear.

At 6pm I had a boot camp class to lead. I had to make a plan that could be done without me actually DOING much of anything other than directing, yelling, demonstrating, timing, etc.

This is what I created - and I got some good feedback on it.

Warm Up
Step touch, ballistic hugs, arm circles, backstroke, cross arms, lat pulldown arms, skate w/row arms, cross crawl, jumping jacks, jumping rope - side to side, running man, prisoner squats, lunges, side squats, pushups, rocking heel-toe stretches

Circuit #1
Squats prisoner, front, Y
Ultimate crunches
Repeat 3X

Cardio Interval – broad jump fwd, chug back

Circuit #2 – timed pushups/situps

Circuit #3 (tubing)
Partner sgl arm rows w/one band
Partner row rotation
Partner delt flys
Partner mid back rows
Turn- partner chest press
Repeat 2X

Cardio Interval - Stairs

Circuit #4 ( med balls)
Waist pass
Woodchop pass
Lunge w/pass
Russian twist pass
Med ball ab pass
Repeat 2X

Circuit # 4 STATIONS – 1 min each
Station 1 – Side lunge off bench
Station 2 – ladder drill
Station 3 – stability ball body bar rowing
Station 4 – box jumps w/elevated pushups
Station 5 – Triceps dips

Circuit #5 (mats)
Weighted adduction/abduction
Hydrant series
Low plank

Cooldown & Stretch --- aaahhh!

1 hr 10 minutes. I was able to a do a little bit here and there. Did the warm up, did the first circuit and the last, some of the stations while demoing.

Unless something miraculous happens and I have a swift recovery, I am taking it easy tomorrow and resting (in as much as it is possible with all the running around I must do).

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

12.6 - 12.8

Sunday -- Congestion, coughing. Felt like crap.

Monday -- Adding insult to injury a stomach bug and a fever of 101F for most of the day. Had to cancel my boot camp class.

Tuesday -- Rallied in time for my boot camp class and managed to not only muddle through, but feel better for it. 10 min elliptical, 1 hr 5 min boot camp class.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

12.4 - 12.5.09

Friday ended up being a rest day - I woke up with a bad cold and decided I had better take care of myself. Of course, I never did get to just curl up on the sofa and do absolutely nothing. I *did* get to visit with a friend for 2 hours over a cup of herb tea and that was very relaxing.

Saturday - 10 minutes elliptical, 1 hr 15 min Boot Camp Class. The class was really small - even though many had signed up, it appeared that the cold had gotten them, too.

Here's the workout plan I prepared. I'm going to use it again on Tuesday since there are different people signed up.

Warm Up
Step touch, ballistic hugs, arm circles, backstroke, cross arms, grapevine, lat pulldown arms, skate w/row arms, cross crawl, jumping jacks, prisoner squats, lunges, 3 vinyassas

Circuit #1
Squats wts, low, shoulder, high
Bicycle crunches
Repeat 3X

Cardio Interval – big step mambo each leg, jacks

Circuit #2
Single leg squats ea side
Single leg deadlifts ea side
Reverse lunges
Sumo squat w/triceps ext
Crunchy frog
Repeat 3X

Tabata: Mountain climbers 20; plank 10 Repeat 4x

Circuit #3 (balls)
Upright row
Lean-back bicep curl
Decline pushups
Ball jackknife
Repeat 2X

Cardio Interval – (benches)
Travel the bench, up and over
4X around, bench lunges, repeat

Circuit #4 (benches)
Split squat w/lat raise right
Split squat w/front raise left
Sgl arm dumbbell row ea side
Fingers to heel touches
Bench hip raises

Tabata: Squat & hold, 20/1


Circuit #5 (mats)
Hydrant series
Side plank
Low plank w/arm extended

12 Days of Christmas
1 Prisoner Squat
2 Reverse Lunges
3 Upright rows
4 Sumo squats
5 Siff squat calf raises
6 Triceps dips
7 Full pushups
8 Plank rows
9 Hydrants left
10 Hydrants right
11 Ultimate crunches
12 Touch the sky

Cooldown & stretch
Floor series

I'm typing this on Sunday morning -home sick. The cold hit HARD. Maybe even the flu, who knows. One of my daughters had a fever most of the week, the other spent yesterday evening puking. Everyone is coughing and sniffling today.

Friday, December 4, 2009


The owner of the gym stocked the classroom with new stability balls for me to use. I simply had to use them yesterday.

Workout: 1 hr 20 min.

Warm Up
Step touch, add arms – cross, lat
4 knee repeater each side, 4 set skate, repeat; Jumping jacks, Front leg to back leg, repeat other side; 1 legged hops side to side, jump rope, step touch arm circles, 3 Vinyassas

Circuit #1
Squat series (16 ea: first set prisoner, 2nd Frankenstein, 3rd Y)
Plank ups 8
Rope climb abs 12
Repeat 3X

Cardio Interval – Broad jump, jack back, mountain climbers, repeat

Circuit #2
Walking lunges 12
Squat w/one leg lift & front raise, alt 8
Wide leg deadlifts 8
Bent over row 12
Wide legged or cross legged situps 8 ea side

Cardio Interval – Burpees, skate, repeat

Circuit #3 (Balls)
Stability ball curl & press 8
Stability ball chest press 8 slow, 8 alt sets
Stability ball pec fly (stretch on ball) 12
Stability ball bridge 8
Stability ball crunch 16

Cardio Interval – Stairs (4 floors - 8 flights -) twice

Circuit # 4 (Balls)
Stability ball pushup OR plank hold
Stability ball pullover (stretch on ball) 12
Stability ball outer thigh lift 8 each side
Stability ball hamstring curl 16
Stability ball pass abs 12
Stability ball prone cobra 8

Cardio Interval (benches)
Fast feet, straddle jacks, straddle kicks, repeat

Circuit #5 (benches)
Step up with side lift curl & fly 8 ea side
Rev lunge off step w/attitude lift 8 ea side
Triceps dips 12
Bench jackknife 12

Circuit #6 (mats)
Frog squats
Seated front facing leg raises
Low plank

Cooldown & Stretch
Side stretch, clasped hands behind, fingers in front facing body, seated pretzel twist each side, straddle stretch, runners stretch, pigeon stretch, hamstring stretch, downward dog, dangle, standing quad stretch, arm/shoulder stretches

They didn't mind that we really went over time. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the work out and felt very "worked out."

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Fighting off a cold w/all the power (and Emergen-C) that I can muster.

1 hour of cardio:
30 minutes elliptical
20 minutes Stairmaster
10 minutes different elliptcal

Every treadmill was being used. :(

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

11,28 - 12.1.09

11.28.09 - Wendy was able to come to my Body Boot Camp Class. The class was 1 hr 10 min long and I called it the "Pieblaster." I threw in the first taste of my "12 Days of Christmas" gift. Now we just have to work our way through singing and doing the whole thing. :)

1 Prisoner Squat
2 Reverse Lunges
3 Upright rows
4 Sumo squats
5 Siff squat calf raises
6 Triceps dips
7 Full pushups
8 Plank rows
9 Hydrants left
10 Hydrants right
11 Ultimate crunches
12 Touch the sky

11.29 - Sunday - was a day of rest. Sort of. I got no rest that day. Running, running all day, pillar to post.

11.30 - 1 hr 10 min cardio/weight circuits. Chest/arms/abs.

12.1 - 40 min at the gym in the am. 15 min. elliptical, 25 min back workout. In the evening, 1 hr 15 min Body Boot Camp. Here's what we did....

Warm Up
Arms overhead, breath in, step touch, shoulder circles, backstroke, jacks, running man, skate, cross crawl, leg warm up,
Prisoner squats, lunges

Circuit #1
Squats w/wts low, shoulder, up
Pushups (wide, narrow, diamond)
1 knee in crunches
Repeat 3X

Cardio Interval
Knee up double lunges
Spin squat

Circuit #2
Reaching squat
Lunge w/chest fly right
Lunge w/front raise left
Billy’s crunches

Tabata: touchdown lunge/pushups

Circuit #3
Sumo squat w/triceps ext
W-press with leg extension
Deadlift to upright row
Plank row
Ugly crunches

Cardio interval
Front kicks
Broad jump
Chug back

Spiderman climb
Commando crawl

Circuit #4 (benches)
Side & back lunges
Split squats
Elevated pushups
Side plank with shoulder adduction
Russian twist to boat

Cardio Interval (benches)
Jog up step/switch
Charleston switch
Box jump

Circuit #5 (mats)
Thigh adduction w/weight
Hydrant series
Low plank


Today (12.2) is meant to be cardio & yoga. I've got a sick child (flu) and I'm feeling groggy & sluggish so we'll see what I decide to do.

Meanwhile, I've been asked to add a fourth Body Boot Camp class which is exciting.